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Welcome to Tot Book Club!

Tot Book Club was founded to promote literacy at an early age. The concept behind Tot Book Club is to employ the power of repetition and spend an extended period of time on a book, while adding fun activities to do related to the book. We employ repetition and interactive reading to glean the most benefits from your reading time with your tots. On the blog, you will find multiple opportunities for learning contained in children's picture books, both classic and new titles.

Why are books important?

Books are the key to learning for adults and kids alike. I don’t think I could say it much better than this post from the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance.  Suffice it to say, books are the foundation for learning and knowledge, and in turn, they open a world of opportunity for readers.

Why do they want to read the same book repeatedly?

We all know to start reading to our kids from day 1, but do you wonder why they want to read the same books over and over? Do you get bored reading the same books? It basically comes down to repetition is the key to learning. Practice makes perfect, right?  Your child is being exposed to new words, new concepts, and new phrasing when you open a book, so reading that same book over and over is solidifying this newfound knowledge for your child.  Here is a quick explanation of the science behind repetition. Tot Book Club will make the repetition a bit more interesting for you, too.

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