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Where DO Fairies Go When it Snows?!


Where Do Fairies Go When it Snows? written by Liza Gardner Walsh is a wonderful fiction follow-up to her non-fiction fairy books: Fairy House Handbook and Fairy Garden Handbook also published by Down East Books. The onslaught of questions about the plight of fairies in the winter is made even more delightful by the illustrations of Hazel Mitchell. In fact, it is Ms. Mitchell's illustrations in another recent release, Animally, that prompted me to follow her on Facebook, and thus find out about this fairy adventure!

When she began posting about
Where Do Fairies Go When it Snows?, I couldn't wait to see what charming illustrations Hazel Mitchell would bring to this fantastical inquiry by Liza Gardner Walsh. I am lucky enough to have a sneak peek, and of course, the story and illustrations do not disappoint!

The whimsical illustrations spur on the reader's imagination to answer question after question about how fairies spend their winters. The reader is asked to contemplate whether fairies can maintain their cheer of spring and summer as winter approaches. While the questions may not be completely answered by the end, Liza Gardner Walsh opens a world of wonder with her first simple question, Where Do Fairies Go When it Snows?

While the book will not officially be released until, October 15th, you have a chance to WIN IT HERE on Tot Book Club! You'll be ready to put this book on repeat when it arrives, because tomorrow I will be sharing 10 Learning Experiences to incorporate into your readings of
Where Do Fairies Go When it Snows?

Liza Gardner Walsh
Liza Gardner Walsh has worked as a children’s librarian, pre-school teacher, high-school English teacher, writing tutor, museum educator, and she holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College. She lives with her family in Camden, Maine.

Hazel and Toby close up

Award-winning illustrator of more than a dozen books, Hazel Mitchell grew up in England, where she attended art college and served in the Royal Navy before moving to the states in 2000. She lives in Detroit, Maine.

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