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Word Wednesday: Vocabulary and Featured Words


Tot 2 has been loving "Sooker Duck," as he fondly calls Super Duck. We read it at least twice per day! I think he loves the movement described in the book from hurling to fluttering to the bumpity bumps and thumpity thumps, Super Duck is an action-packed picture book! Remember to move with the words! Flip and flop, dip and drop. Put your tot in your lap and bumpity bump and thumpity thump!

Due to it's rhyming nature, we also find some words that are new to our tots. It's always great to build vocabulary, so when you come across a word in the book that you think may be new to your tot, try to define it for him or her. I made a Super Duck glossary through the children's dictionary on, so fee free to use that for help in explaining words that you may find hard to make any simpler.

Today our focus word will be "delight." What a great alternative to using the conventional happy or glad! As we are heading to Disneyland for a little adventure, I will be sure to capture the "delight" in my tot's faces! Follow @totbookclub on instagram to see their joy!


Interactive Reading Tips

It can be tempting to just read the words on each page and rush through a book when reading to your tot. However, your tot will benefit most from interactive reading sessions. What exactly does this mean? It means that you engage the words, illustrations, and pace of the story by changing your tone, pointing out pictures, etc… Following along with our Spotlight Story activities is a great way to get in the habit of reading interactively with your tot.

I have been reading Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age -- From Picture Books to eBooks and Everything in Between for my own professional development. While I don't have any delusions of forcing my tots to be early readers, I do know that reading to my tots from day 1 has more benefits than encouraging their own literacy. When I read to them, they are building vocabulary, exercising imagination, learning ways to play with their voices, etc… Enjoy the following interactive reading tips from Jason Boog's book, as I relate them to reading our Spotlight Story.

Tip 1
"Ask lots and lots of questions. Questions are the foundation for interactive reading, and you can ask them even before your child can answer with words. Be sure to ask questions before, during, and after the reading experience"

Spotlight Story Examples:
  • Ask your tot to point to the different characters. Where is goat? Where is sheep?
  • Do you remember when we flew a kite?
  • What does the wind feel like on your nose?
  • Remember to ask what your tot thinks will happen next

Tip 2
"Share details about the book. Point out your favorite illustrations, name the colors, animals, people, and feelings on the page. At first your child will not be able to join you, but he or she will pick up your interactive habit as they grow."

Spotlight Story Examples:
  • Super Duck's cape is red. Frog is green. Do you see any more red on the page?
  • Let's count the animals
  • Sheep and Goat look nervous

Tip 3
"Dramatize the story. You can mime sweeping when you see a broom or pretend to eat the character's food. This will help your child match the concepts to the words, a pillar of the interactive reading experience."

Spotlight Story Examples:
  • When the kite "flips and flops" and "dips and flops" sway with the words
  • Put your child in your lap for the "bumpily bump" truck ride
  • Reach up into the air and pretend you are swept away with the kite like frog


Let Freedom Ring

Tot 1 learned a little bit about Independence Day at camp this week, but she still keeps pointing out the "Fifth of July" flags around town. Celebrate the Fourth of July by reading a fun holiday-themed book together!

You can never go wrong with Corduroy!

The Berenstain Bears are always a good resource for a lesson

I used to use this series of books in my preschool classroom

Teach your child about democracy with these fun farm animals

Find out some fun facts about small town America!

Spotlight Story: Super Duck

The Tots have chosen our next Spotlight Story! Super Duck written by Jez Alborough is a fun rhyming story about a superhero duck who doesn't always save the day in the most elegant way. However, he does keep things funny and exciting! In addition to laughs and entertainment, this charming book provides several opportunities for learning. Grab the book, check out Jez Alborough's website, and then come back July 6th to find out what we will be doing with Super Duck. Stay tuned for some fun activities including :

  • Make Something Monday
  • Take a Look Tuesday
  • Word Wednesday
  • Think About It Thursday
  • Foodie Friday
  • Sing It Saturday
  • STEM Sunday

Check out
Stay Smart and Be A Hero for information on my summer reading challenge. It is a great opportunity to encourage reading with your kids, to earn books and prizes, and to give to a charity.