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Little Blue Truck

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Little Blue Truck is a relatively new children's book that I predict will stand the test of time. Printed in 2008, it continues to be a favorite in homes still 8 years later. It's also one of those books that my tots ask me to read on repeat. Before we start reading the second time through, I have to set a limit, "Mommy is only reading this 3 times for now." Little Blue Truck is a fun read with lots of noises to make all while teaching a lesson about friendship. If your tots are anything like mine, they'll appreciate an extended focus on this delightful book. Let's see what fun we can have!

  1. Focus on noises: Talk about the noises of the animals and the trucks in the book, but then expand to other noises you may hear in the country or take a listening walk around your neighborhood. You could even introduce your tot to the exciting world of onomatopoeias!
  2. Take a closer look at the illustrations: There are lots of things to count from birds to toads falling leaves to raindrops. Notice the leaves on the trees and the changing weather and the changing expressions on the animals' faces.
  3. Celebrate a day of greeting people: As Little Blue Truck greets all the animals, and they greet him, experiment with greeting the people you see throughout the day. How do they respond? Notice what a difference a friendly smile makes.
  4. Play in the mud! Whether you have a nice patch in the yard or you need to make a sensory bin of mud, let your tots get dirty. Throw some trucks and farm animals in there and make up your own story. Just remember that a bath will wash the mess away!
  5. Make a play dough mud pile: Use or make brown play dough and stick cars and trucks in it, then take turns pulling them out without getting "mud" everywhere. The Chaos and The Clutter has a great recipe for chocolate play dough and some pictures of her tots playing in the "mud."
  6. Experiment with moving objects: What kind of objects can your tot move by pushing? pulling? What is the best way for you to help your tot and use teamwork? How does tying a rope and pulling it together help? Can you line up and push each other to push an object?
  7. Have a car wash: The dump and Little Blue Truck, and the animals, were quite dirty after their encounter in the mud, so pull out those sponges and get to washing! Wash your tot's toys that she played with in the mud or go all out and wash your car together!
  8. Make a road: Pull out some cardboard and some duct tape, or just a black marker and paper, and draw a road. Draw your own road or draw a map of the route you think Little Blue Truck took. Then of course drive your tot's cars and trucks down the road, remembering to greet those on the side of the road! There are lots of other ideas for how to make roads on my Little Blue Truck Pinterest Board.
  9. Paint with wheels: Grab the washable brown paint, or any color your tot desires, and dip her toy cars and trucks in it. Use cardboard or paper and zoom those cars all over. This might be another good activity to follow up with that car wash! Look at the fun that Messy Little Monster had!
  10. Discuss the moral of the story: Why did the animals not help The Dump when he honked? Why did Little Blue Truck help even though The Dump had been rude? Why did The Dump think he was more important? Why did the animals help when Little Blue Truck beeped for help? What did The Dump learn?

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