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We're taking a quick look back at Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster. Michelle Nelson-Schmidt has a goal to empower children to believe in what they can offer the world, and this little monster is here to help. What better book to feature today on Valentine's Day than a story about a boy learning to take a risk on loving himself and others?!

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt recently released
a free ebook of fun activities to do along with reading her commonly therapeutic book, but I'll also remind you of the activities that I suggested back in October

  1. Talk about you fears and ask your tot about his/her's. Then come up with ways to cope with those worries, and encourage always communicating those thoughts to a confidant—parent, friend, teacher, or even little green monster! And of course, remind your tot to think of all the positive possibilities of those fears as well.
  2. Take a risk: take part in a race, make a new friend at the park, try a new food, or even learn a new skill. The world is your oyster! Acknowledge the hesitance and why it feels like a risk, then think of all the wonderful possibilities.
  3. Make Whatif Monster ears. Thankfully that little green monster, as inspiring as he is, isn't too complicated to sketch. He has easy shapes to replicate, especially those triangle ears. So grab some green and yellow materials (white paper and markers, colored construction paper, or felt), cut your triangles and attach them to a headband or a strip of paper. Voila! You're a Whatif Monster, and now you could even role play to talk about worries.
  4. Consider making a calming jar, if you don't have a plush Whatif Monster at home! Reuse a plastic water bottle, fill it up with hot water and clear glue, toss in some glitter(green and gold if you're feeling the theme). Seal it up, and have a conversation about knowing when your mind and body need a break and explain that you are there to help your tot through those feelings.
  5. Make a worry jar: for a bit more concrete activity grab a jar, decorate it, and when a worry comes up, write it down and stuff it in the jar! You could even decorate the jar like Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's Whatif Monster and feed him your worries
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